The Who, What & Why

Who We Are

We know what it means to be small business owners.  Our team have been hands on operators across various industries, and as a result, have a shared knowledge and insight that make us experts in managing small businesses. 

Patrick Noles has been a small business owner from an early age.  He has both started and purchased business ranging from Quick Service Restaurants to B2B service companies.  Patrick received his BA from Southern Methodist University and is now in charge of acquisition and due diligence at The Rapallo Group

What We Do

As owner/operators with a long-term outlook, we look to invest in key employees and strengthen existing customer relationships above all else. When we acquire small, privately held businesses located in the St. Louis Metro Area, we provide them with experienced management and access to capital, thus fueling growth and increasing efficiency.

Why Us?

  • We ARE small business owners. We speak your language.
  • We are privately funded. We will not waste your time.
  • Email us for more reasons why.